Doing my part to help route around the damage of censorship.

The theme of centralisation is becoming more pronounced then I care for in this world. The only reasonable solution is to route around this type of damage and create systems which are decentralised, trust-less and extremely disruptive to finance and governments.

My focus has been on web3 and all things crypto for some time now, I have skilled up and now executing to help build the systems that will be used for the next few decades. After taking out 2nd place in Hackthon building a NFT Gallery Viewer. I fell in love with interacting with the chain(s) and the endless possibilities for expression in systems which have no centralisation that can hinder them. After developing this proof of concept site, I got involved with Developer DAO and soon after found what is the most complete course on blockchain development to date.

Sleepless days and a coding haze fell upon my life and I could not stop until I had a grasp on how to write smart contracts, dApps and deliver solutions for end users and business alike. That was early 2022, mid 2022 there was a few bumps in the road thanks to Nomad & a black hat. After recovering its full steam ahead with building and shipping web3 projects.

Here are some of the things I have had some fun with.

  • Technical writing
  • Smart contracts with Solidity
    • Funding
    • Lottery System
    • Social Media
  • Development Environment
  • Hardhat
  • Ethers.js
  • NFT Market Place.
  • DAO’s
  • Security & Auditing
  • more acronyms then I care to list here