At the end of 2021 I was burnt out and a tad dejected with the state of the world, I thought perhaps there will be never ending crisis declared by the worlds governments and after seeing many people lose their jobs and be declared unworkable. I felt compelled to help offer a path towards a future where no government can shut you down.

This autonomy is achievable via programming.

Along side that i have seen in my time there are numerous bright people techheads that always feel like they are chasing their tails and as though their skills are not as good as they should be. Part of this I think is the imposer syndrome and part is that they are time poor, stressed and as a result lack the time and clarity to play and explore in their craft.

This course aims to get anyone up to speed with the worlds most popular language, by the end of it the learner will have covered all they need to with in java-script and touch many of the programming fundamentals which are life long skills in tech and out.